About Robin

Welcome to my website. My name is Robin Ulbredtch (pronounced ‘ulbreck’).

I live in northern Idaho with my husband, Steve, and my special dog, Roxy. We love the beautiful scenery in this area and thank God we can live in this beautiful place.

I am a Christian author who has written three books. The information about these books is available at amazon.com I am presently working on another book, a Bible study on the book of Nehemiah.

I am going to share some of my education and experience–not to brag or boast in myself–but to help you get an idea of who I am, what I like to do, and the education and experience I have to show you how God can take a messed up heart and life and change it into something beautiful. God can take the bad in our life and turn it into a way of helping others and bringing glory to His name.

If you have any questions or comments, you can email me at getrobinu@gmail.com I love to share my experiences, testimonies, and God’s word with anyone who desires to read them. So here are some basic facts about me:

  • I was born in north Idaho and have lived my whole life in the northern Panhandle region of Idaho.
  • I attended elementary school in Bonners Ferry, and High School in Bonners Ferry, Lewiston, and Sandpoint. I graduated from Sandpoint High School.
  • I attended college at Lewis-Clark State College, completing one year of academic business classes and 18 months of vocational bookkeeping classes.
  • I attended North Idaho College in Coeur d’ Alene taking one year of Commercial Art and two years of Journalism classes. I graduated with an A. S. in Journalism.
  • I completed two years of classes through Liberty University Online and earned a B. S. in Education.
  • I married my first husband in 1976 and divorced him nine years (and two sons) later due to alcoholism.
  • I remarried about eight years later to Steve, my present husband, and inherited five more wonderful sons. We have been married for 27 years.
  • I attended a Lutheran Church during my elementary-school years and through my sophmore year of high school. Then I moved to Lewiston and didn’t attend church for several years because I didn’t know which one to go too.
  • When I moved back to Sandpoint, my sons and I attended First Christian Church until Steve and I were married. Afterwards, my sons and I attended Sandpoint Christian Center, now called New Life Church. I have attended that church since 1991.
  • I have helped in a variety of ministries, beginning in 1986 and continuing on until this present day. I have helped in children’s ministry, sunday school, camps, vacation Bible schools, single adult groups, and adult small groups. I volunteered as a secretary in our church office for several years. I have also ministered one-on-one to people Steve and I meet out in the community. I presently started up a group called North Idaho Christian Writers at our local library.
  • I worked three years as a statistical typist, typing papers in a college library and for the vocational education purchasing agent at Lewis-Clark State College.
  • I worked 16+ years in my parents’ office supply business and one year in a local book and office products store.
  • I worked about eight years in the kitchen/grill area at our local McDonald’s restaurant.
  • I worked part time in a college work study program for two years in the Molstead Computer Lab at North Idaho College.
  • I worked about eight years at a DDA where we helped handicapped people with living skills and learning how to use their community resources.
  • I’ve been medically retired since 2010 and author Christian books so I can share the Gospel and my experiences with others.
  • My hobbies include doing a variety of arts and crafts, reading Christian books, watching television with my husband, and playing with my two year old dog, Roxy.