If we look at the world and all of the negative and/or overwhelming circumstances, it is easy to become depressed, disillusioned and hopeless. Christians can also get stuck in this place when they take their eyes off of the true hope–Jesus Christ, the Hope of Glory.

The world has come up with several imitations that supposedly provide hope to people. I recently read a book where the authors stated that hope could be found in finding solutions to the problems around us. It encouraged journalists to spend hours researching to find solutions to the problems that plague humanity and to write about them so everyone else could benefit. There is nothing wrong with researching and finding solutions to the problems around us. However, this is not going to provide any lasting hope to the multitude of people in depressed mental states because man cannot heal his own heart, soul and spirit. It may provide some temporary decrease in stress until the next problem arises but it will not provide true, lasting hope.

There is only one true source of hope and that is Jesus Christ the Son of God. He is our hope and He has already provided a means for us to have victory. Jesus did this when He died on the cross at Calvary, was buried, and on the third day rose again. Jesus paid the penalty for the sins of mankind from the beginning of time until the end. Jesus knows the solutions to all of our difficulties and He has made a way for us to come to Him and receive His free gift of salvation. He is our true Hope but we have to come to Him and receive His free gift. He will not force anyone to do this but He offers it freely to those that come to Him.

On this website I will be sharing personal experiences, true stories, testimonies, teachings and tidbits about true Hope and other topics. For Christians, the Bible tells us we have this treasure in vessels of clay (our bodies); we have the true hope living inside of us and He is always with us, helping us as we walk through our journey on the path to heaven. Jesus will never leave us or forsake us.

I am not writing these stories as someone who knows everything or as someone who has never experienced depression and disillusionment. You can find many stories about situations I have experienced on my website http://www.testimoniestipstidbits.com and on my other websites. Also there are several of these stories on my pages at http://www.faithwriters.com I know what it is like to become overwhelmed with depression because of the circumstances in life. I praise God that He showed me how much He loved me and led me to the truth of Jesus Christ, the Hope of Glory!

I pray that if you haven’t come to Jesus Christ, the One, true living God of the Bible, He will show you the truth. I also pray that you will be open and receive the wonderful gift of salvation. Through Jesus Christ and leading of the Holy Spirit, you can discover the true, eternal Hope! Jesus is there waiting for you to call upon His name, ask Him for forgiveness of your sin, and to come and live in your heart as your Lord and Savior.

Jesus loves you more than you can ever fathom! 


Robin Ulbredtch